BLANCO Food Transport Trolley

  • All serving and clearing trolleys are equipped with a strong bumper rail. They protect the trolley and inventory against damage.
  • Quiet! A noise-insulating antidrumming mat is mounted under each shelf. This considerably reduces annoying rolling noises.
  • All shelves are produced with an all-round raised profile edge. This prevents anything from slipping over the edge – even when the going gets rough.
  • The curled edges make the shelf stable and ensure an extremely high load-bearing capacity. In addition, they also protect the personnel from injuries.
  • Excellent finishing! One-piece welded seams connect the tube frame to the shelves, and increase the stability in the process.

Made in Germany


  • Standard bumper rail
  • Integrated noise dampers
  • Shelves with profile edge
  • Curled edges
  • More stability


  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight movement
  • High quality wheels
  • Minimum contamination


Part Number: SW 6 x 4-2

Dimensions:  700 l x 500 w x 950 h mm

2 shelves

Part Number: SW 8 x 5-3

Dimensions:  900  l x 600  w x 950 h mm

3 shelves

Part Number: SW 9 x 6-3

Dimensions:  1000  l x 650  w x 950 h mm

3 shelves

Part Number: SW 9 x 6-4

Dimensions:  1000  l x 650  w x 1290 h mm

4 shelves

Part Number: SW 10 x 6-5

Dimensions: 1100 l x 700 w x 1350 h mm

5 shelves

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